Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Drinking is quite risky
Oh crap now I’m tipsy
Must have been the whiskey
That is what always gets me frisky  
I’m too drunk to right this stuff
The doggy goes ruff ruff ruff
Yep now I am hammered
There goes my gammmmrr

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Experiment 5

In the middle not the start 
Came through the air the second flying dart
It hit the man right in the arm 
Stan did not mean to cause any harm 
But the guy was furious with Stan 
I am going to kill you screamed the burly man 
As the music began to soar 
The people in the bar started to roar 
Bottles started to fly in the air 
And then a barstool came out of no where 


- REI -
I love this place
It is a cool space
The prices are so high
I think I am going to cry
Anything you need for outdoors
That is if you can afford
I see the clearance rack
I found a jacket for my back
I am now a happy camper
Now to go out and scamper
I am now in the woods
With all my new goods

Monday, January 29, 2018

Experiment 4

Leave society I just might 
Off I go into the night 
Off to Alaska I go 
Living in the ice cold snow
I now live in the magic bus 
My new home is covered in rust 
Now I am wild and free 
All alone by myself just me 
I know I am going to die 

So this will be my final goodbye



Alone I sit in my bed
With so much in my head
My head is moving so fast
All I think of is the past
It is all back there
And I am now here
My future is ahead of me
And that's all I want to see

Monday, January 22, 2018

Family Holiday Gathering

-Family Holiday Gathering -

Why is it  that every family gathering I get more depressed
I can’t make everyone happy, I try my best
Someone always gets mad at me
That’s plain to see
All I think after that is the release of death
No more warm thoughts from my breath
I’m killing myself on the inside
But I don’t show them I put on a mask and hide
So if my scars show, you will know the reason
That this shit always happens, every holiday season

Wednesday, January 17, 2018



Look at this weird piñata in the tree
I am going to knock it free
It is such a weird shape 
Odd I don’t see any tape 
Now I have a big stick 
Oww what was that prick 
All I heard was buzzing 
Now I am a little fuzzy 
Nope not a piñata just a bee hive 
I am sure lucky to be alive